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75 Items You Should Bring With You to Your Next Craft Show

Preparing for any craft show, no matter the size, is stressful. Especially if it’s your first show or even your first of the season. I’ve put together a quick list of general items it’s good to make sure you take to every show, no matter what you’re selling. It includes everything from marketing and promotional items to quick fixes for booth failures. Take a peeksy, print it out, and let me know if you think something should be added. Since everyone has different experiences you may have a brilliant idea or solution to something that I’d love to use!

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Time Management Printable Organizer

This is my 4-page Time Management Printable Organizer PDF. It’s designed in stylish colors with very few large color-block areas, intended to save on printer ink but still be fun and pretty because that’s the most important thing. This set is not editable on the computer, but it is FREE! The download link is located at the bottom of my post. Please respect my copyright on the bottom of each page.

Time Management Organizer Includes:

  1. Calendar, allowing you to track each month’s activities in a Calendar format while also keeping notes on a single page.
  2. Monthly Schedule, allowing you to track each month’s activities in a list style format and check them off as you get them done.
  3. Daily To-Do List, allows you to keep track of up to 10 things to do today, things to do tomorrow as well as things to do sometime during the week and check each off as they get done. Also allows you to keep weekly notes.
  4. Weekly To-Do List, allows you to keep track of up to 10 things to do this week, things to do next week as well as things to do sometime during the month, and check them off as they get done. Also allows you to keep monthly notes.

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DIY Projects

Kids Reading Nook Shelves, IKEA Hack

My daughter had some favorite books and some free wall space so I decided to hack up a little reading spot for her. I got 3 BEKVÄM spice racks last time I was at IKEA. They’re wood and super simple, and $3.99 each!
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Earring Wall Frame Organizer

This DIY took a little longer than most of mine simply because I had to stain the frame, let it dry,  seal it, and let that dry. After that was all done it was a snap!


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DIY Projects

5 Minute Ribbon Holder

Easiest DIY I’ve ever done. I’m not sure it was fulfilling enough to be called a DIY project. I was left wanting more… But it’s cute and gets all my daughter’s hair clips and bows that she never wears off the dresser and floor!


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10 Minute Jewelry Wall Organizer

This project seriously took me 10 minutes and it’s not only really pretty but very functional for me also. I used an approx. 8″ piece of 2×4 and wrapped it with some scrap fabric I had. I glued the fabric to the back and the used a staple gun on it. Then I drilled holes in the bottom of the block (through the fabric) in the locations I wanted the hooks to be and then screwed in the hooks. I also put a picture frame hook on the back to secure it the wall with. So very simple and now all my most worn necklaces are an easy reach.



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Kitchen Counter Mail & Book Organizer

If you live in a small kitchen like I do, organization is key when setting up your work flow. This simple kitchen counter organizer has been a wonderful place to catch our incoming and outgoing mail but also to store my Family Management Binder and favorite recipe books.


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DIY Projects

Mason Jar Pin Cushion Tutorial

The versatile Mason Jar strikes again! Another perfect use. It’s like it was made for this…

This tutorial is super easy! Store all your little sewing notions, needles, thimbles, buttons, safety pins, etc… inside your pin cushion. No sewing at all!

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