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Newborn Baby Bracelets

With our first little one on the way it’s safe to say that the WHOLE family is ecstatic. We decided on the name Taylor Paige Broderick which is sort of a mesh of family names. Her middle name “Paige” was taken from my middle name which is also “Paige”, and her first name was taken from my husband’s middle name, “Taylor”, which also happens to be his mother’s maiden name.

Well all the parents have been sending us our old baby clothes, blankets, stuffed animals, toys, books and so much more. Who knew they even had any of this stuff still? Well one of the things my mother-in-law found was both her’s and my husband’s newborn baby bracelets that they wore home from the hospital. So, one bracelet said Taylor and was said Broderick. Each with their last name on them. So the idea here is that she’ll have the same newborn baby bracelets her father and grandmother wore home from the hospital. I just thought this was so cute!

Both bracelets needed to be restrung and I had to sort of guess on the size (though I did find out with some quick online research that most newborns’ wrists are about 4 inches around), but the bracelets tuned out wonderfully. I did change the blue beads to pink on one and added pink to the other. Both were originally all blue beads.


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