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10 Minute Jewelry Wall Organizer

This project seriously took me 10 minutes and it’s not only really pretty but very functional for me also. I used an approx. 8″ piece of 2×4 and wrapped it with some scrap fabric I had. I glued the fabric to the back and the used a staple gun on it. Then I drilled holes in the bottom of the block (through the fabric) in the locations I wanted the hooks to be and then screwed in the hooks. I also put a picture frame hook on the back to secure it the wall with. So very simple and now all my most worn necklaces are an easy reach.



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To-Do & Notes Printables

New Year, New Look! Tired of looking at the same boring lines? Spice up your daily note-taking with these fun, colorful To-Do lists (one and two column) and both lined and blank Note pages. Here are 4 easy to use (did I say FREE?) printables for you to use everyday. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Link to download at the bottom.

  • One-column To-Do, check-off list
  • Two-column To-Do, check-off list
  • Lined NOTES page
  • Blank NOTES page

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Pesto Stuffed Shells Recipe

Let me start off by telling you that I’m a terrible cook! I make 2 things well. I make great Oatmeal meatloaf, which I’ll share with you all eventually, and spaghetti. I have been known to mess up Kraft Mac N Cheese. So, I took on this task for Valentine’s Day dinner and I know it scared the heck out of my husband who is normally the cook in the house. Well I actually pulled it off. See the delicious recipe below.


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Family Life

My 2013 Moore Tornado Survival Story

We Survived! That’s all I was thinking when we rushed back into our devastated neighborhood on the afternoon of May 20, 2013.

Four months after the event I’m still thinking about it every night. How could I not be? But I feel like I’m finally ready to write it all down. This is my Moore, Oklahoma, May 20, 2013, F5 Tornado survival story.

Getty images took a picture of my husband putting up our American flag he found in the rubble onto what I believe is the addition room’s back wall…

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Binder Dividers, Labels, Section Dividers Printable

Here are the divider images I used for my organization binders to separate different sections. You may want to title them differently than I did. The blue is the one I used but I’ve also included a black. Both are in print quality (very large dimensions). Or you can easily use these for labels to organize your baskets or bins! See label sheet below single images.


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Tips & Tricks

Best Skunk Odor Remover

I have 2 big dogs and have never had trouble with skunks before but this last summer they had 2 run-ins with a skunk and unfortunately the skunk got them both times. Having never smelled fresh skunk spray, oh wow, talk about a FOUL smell! Naturally I was freaking out about the house smelling like skunk because my dogs are both indoor dogs so I immediately jumped on the internet and did a bunch of research while my poor pups were whining outside my window.

I read that tomato juice is not a particular deodorizing treatment but instead just masks the smell for a while. So I continued to look…

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Kitchen Counter Mail & Book Organizer

If you live in a small kitchen like I do, organization is key when setting up your work flow. This simple kitchen counter organizer has been a wonderful place to catch our incoming and outgoing mail but also to store my Family Management Binder and favorite recipe books.


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DIY Projects

Quiet Your Nursery Room Door Sewing Tutorial

Let sleeping dogs lie… I expect the same rule applies to sleeping babies. In preparation for our first I went thought it would be a good idea to make the noisy metal latch on the door quieter. It doesn’t remove the sound of the door closing completing because you can still hear the sound of the actual door hitting the stopper around the frame, but the metal-on-metal noise is no longer.


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Family Life

Our Pink Baby Shower

The date is rapidly approaching… our baby shower is another small milestone before Operation Taylor Drop. My Aunt and Cousin hosted the most beautiful pink, girl baby shower for me and my husband. It was a co-ed and family oriented shower and as always incorporating men into such a girl-fest can be hard but they did an amazing job with the whole thing.

Baby Shower Food & Snacks

There were cupcakes in a variety of flavors so everyone could have something they liked, pink candy with bags and ties so they could be taken home in a mix, pink icing pretzels, PB&J cutout into duck and onesies shapes, and sliders with pulled pork. Of course lots of chips and dip and veggies as well. Something for everyone, including the guys.

Also served was pink lemonade, strawberry margaritas, beer and water. Again, something for everyone. I think that is key, to make sure the whole crowd will be happy and taken care of, not just the mommy and daddy to-be.


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