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Diaper Bag Checklist Printable

I remember being a new Mom. S.T.R.E.S.S.F.U.L. Nothing I was told to do worked. Everything I tried failed. My baby wouldn’t sleep on her own. She wouldn’t eat on a schedule. She was a baby and she needed attention ALL – THE – TIME! Me? I was a WRECK! I couldn’t remember to tie my shoes. It took me about a month to figure everything out, including to make lists. I had lists everywhere, which drove me crazy on its own because I like tidiness. But I had to compromise, and my new baby’s needs were probably more important than my desire for a tidy home… I suppose. Anyway, one of the lists I made was a diaper bag checklist. I laminated it and used a dry erase marker on it each time I had to leave the house. It was really helpful for me and just maybe it will help you too. I hope you enjoy!

Click the image below to see the full version PDF and to download.

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18 Extra Items You Should Bring To Your Next OUTDOOR Craft Show

I recently posted 75 Items You Should Bring To Your Next Craft Show but that list doesn’t include items you might need for an Outdoor Craft Show. Here’s the quick list for going to an outdoor craft show. You still need the 75 items You Should Bring To Your Next Craft Show. This is just a list of Extras for Outdoor Craft Shows. Please leave me a comment if you think anything should be added to the list.

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Year End Tax Preparation Printables

I know this is March and it’s a little late on the Tax Prep front but since I’m JUST now getting to my own tax prep for last year I have to hope I’m not the only slacker on the internet.

Since my husband is Military we have to keep receipts for all of his haircuts, clothing purchases for work outside of the clothing allowance, even having a cell phone is required so we can deduct his part of the cell phone. Then I have my little handmade baby item sewing business so all of my home office space is deductible as well as my half of the cell phone since it’s my primary work phone, our internet, partial utilities, etc… IT’S A LOT TO REMEMBER!

I’ve put together a set of 4 printables that should help anyone, with or without a home business, get ready for their taxes. It’s full of worksheets and checklists so you don’t forget a thing. The download is located at the end of the post.

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75 Items You Should Bring With You to Your Next Craft Show

Preparing for any craft show, no matter the size, is stressful. Especially if it’s your first show or even your first of the season. I’ve put together a quick list of general items it’s good to make sure you take to every show, no matter what you’re selling. It includes everything from marketing and promotional items to quick fixes for booth failures. Take a peeksy, print it out, and let me know if you think something should be added. Since everyone has different experiences you may have a brilliant idea or solution to something that I’d love to use!

You may also want to download 18 Extra Items To Bring To Your Next OUTDOOR Craft Show »

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Craft Vendors Business Manager Printables

This is my second year as a craft vendor at local events. Well, I found myself in much need of some organization. I made some modifications to my regular business managers printables to make a pretty comprehensive batch focused more towards craft vendors. Download located at the end of the post.

FREE Craft Vendors Business Manager Includes:

  1. Big Ideas, anything you might think of that you want to work on to include upcoming events, new products or services, advertising and other (2 types).
  2. A Daily To-Do List, also includes things to do at a later date and by the end of the month.
  3. Big Event Plan, for your upcoming events; things to do and remember.
  4. Product Inventory List (2 types)
  5. Shopping Lists (3 types)
  6. Mileage Tracker
  7. Home Office Deductions, this is for your end of year taxes.

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Time Management Printable Organizer

This is my 4-page Time Management Printable Organizer PDF. It’s designed in stylish colors with very few large color-block areas, intended to save on printer ink but still be fun and pretty because that’s the most important thing. This set is not editable on the computer, but it is FREE! The download link is located at the bottom of my post. Please respect my copyright on the bottom of each page.

Time Management Organizer Includes:

  1. Calendar, allowing you to track each month’s activities in a Calendar format while also keeping notes on a single page.
  2. Monthly Schedule, allowing you to track each month’s activities in a list style format and check them off as you get them done.
  3. Daily To-Do List, allows you to keep track of up to 10 things to do today, things to do tomorrow as well as things to do sometime during the week and check each off as they get done. Also allows you to keep weekly notes.
  4. Weekly To-Do List, allows you to keep track of up to 10 things to do this week, things to do next week as well as things to do sometime during the month, and check them off as they get done. Also allows you to keep monthly notes.

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To-Do & Notes Printables

New Year, New Look! Tired of looking at the same boring lines? Spice up your daily note-taking with these fun, colorful To-Do lists (one and two column) and both lined and blank Note pages. Here are 4 easy to use (did I say FREE?) printables for you to use everyday. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Link to download at the bottom.

  • One-column To-Do, check-off list
  • Two-column To-Do, check-off list
  • Lined NOTES page
  • Blank NOTES page

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Binder Dividers, Labels, Section Dividers Printable

Here are the divider images I used for my organization binders to separate different sections. You may want to title them differently than I did. The blue is the one I used but I’ve also included a black. Both are in print quality (very large dimensions). Or you can easily use these for labels to organize your baskets or bins! See label sheet below single images.


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