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Earring Wall Frame Organizer

This DIY took a little longer than most of mine simply because I had to stain the frame, let it dry,  seal it, and let that dry. After that was all done it was a snap!


Supplies You’ll Need:

  • Wood frame
  • Scrap wood approx. 1/2″ x 1″ x 1/4″ thick, you’ll need 2 pieces
  • Four 1/2″ wood nails
  • Mesh or burlap
  • Stain & Sealer (optional)
  • Staple gun
  • Horizontal bar picture hanger


I got my frame at Hobby Lobby but you could make yours if you wanted. Then I stained it and sealed it. If you get a pre-stained wood frame you obviously don’t need to do this part.

  1. Cut your burlap (what I used and what you see in the photo) or mesh to overlap the back opening approx. 1 inch. You can trim away excess but this gives you enough to work with easily.
  2. On the backside of your frame start stapling the burlap or mesh. You want it to be fairly tight so you may need to use quite a few staples to keep the fabric from pulling and tearing. Once your done trim away any excess you might see from the front when on the wall.
  3. Put on your picture hanger at the top center of your frame, on the backside.
  4. Get your scrap wood out and you’ll want 1 piece on each side of the frame to hold it off the wall. They should be centered on each side, of the backside, of the frame. This will allow you to hang your earrings without them running into the wall and falling off. Using your 1/2″ wood nails, hammer 2 nails into each piece. Place your frame  up-side-down on a towel to prevent scratching.

You’re done. Hang it up and add earrings! I know I’m short on photos for the tutorial so if you have any questions please leave me a comment.


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