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Quiet Your Nursery Room Door Sewing Tutorial

Let sleeping dogs lie… I expect the same rule applies to sleeping babies. In preparation for our first I went thought it would be a good idea to make the noisy metal latch on the door quieter. It doesn’t remove the sound of the door closing completing because you can still hear the sound of the actual door hitting the stopper around the frame, but the metal-on-metal noise is no longer.


It was pretty simple. I did make this “pattern” myself so it’s not perfect and if you have a unique door or level handles you may need to adjust it a little.

Supplies You Will Need:

  • Fabric, 2X 5-inch by 2.5-inch
  • Matching thread
  • Low-Batting, 1X 5-inch by 2.5-inch
  • 1/8-inch Elastic, 2X 2.5-inches
  • Needle
  • Scissors



Cut two 5×2.5-inch pieces from your fabric. Cut one 5×2.5-inch piece from batting. Cut two 2.5-inch strips from your elastic.

Place batting against wrong side of one of your fabric pieces. Place the other piece of fabric, right   side, against the fabric and batting combo. It should look this:


Start your sewing on a narrow end, placing one-piece of elastic in position before beginning. Place elastic with loop INSIDE your layers between the piece of batting and the piece of fabric with right-side facing in. You should have about 1/2-inch of both elastic ends sticking out of your layers. Sew your layers together with about an 1/8-inch seam. When sewing over elastic, go back-and-forth a couple times to really give it a good hold.

Continue sewing around layers and repeat the placing-elastic steps on the other narrow end. Stop sewing about 2.5-inches from where you started.

Cut elastic overlap flush with layers. Turn layers right-side-out. Now your loops should show on the outside on either end. You will close the layers with a needle and thread.

I used an invisible stitch but you can do it however you want.


It’s not perfect but it’s works like a charm!


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