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Our Pink Baby Shower

The date is rapidly approaching… our baby shower is another small milestone before Operation Taylor Drop. My Aunt and Cousin hosted the most beautiful pink, girl baby shower for me and my husband. It was a co-ed and family oriented shower and as always incorporating men into such a girl-fest can be hard but they did an amazing job with the whole thing.

Baby Shower Food & Snacks

There were cupcakes in a variety of flavors so everyone could have something they liked, pink candy with bags and ties so they could be taken home in a mix, pink icing pretzels, PB&J cutout into duck and onesies shapes, and sliders with pulled pork. Of course lots of chips and dip and veggies as well. Something for everyone, including the guys.

Also served was pink lemonade, strawberry margaritas, beer and water. Again, something for everyone. I think that is key, to make sure the whole crowd will be happy and taken care of, not just the mommy and daddy to-be.





I didn’t get a photo of them but they also had adorable cookies in the shape of onsies an iced pink and white.

Baby Shower Decorations

The decorations were even more beautiful than the table! The front entrance was decorated with a pink flower garland.


Then as soon as you walk inside you were greeted by a different take on the traditional Wishing Tree. This was an advice tree to provide advice for the new parents-to-be. Some of the advice was hilarious!



They hand-decorated beautiful candle holders and flower arrangements as well. The flower arrangements included Daisies and Sweet Pea flowers which are the April flowers, her birth flowers! Perfect!



Baby Shower Games

The games were the best way that the men were incorporated into the party. They really got into them and it was great watching the couples tag-team other people. Everyone had a blast with all of the games. The winners of each game won a $10 gift card!

Game #1: As soon as you came in and wrote your advice you got a close-pin. This game went the whole shower. The object of the game is to capture as many clothes pins and you could. You did this by waiting until someone said the word BABY, at which time you could steal their clothes pin (but just one). If you said the word then of course you would lose one. I lost mine in about 5 minutes…


Game #2-3: These games were more standard, timed-type games. These game card templates were purchased at Party Galaxy but you can find the Fisher Price Baby Shower Game Kit online at Party City. There are 4 games in total, one on each side of the cards. We only played 3 of them.


First we played the Word Search, first one to find all the words wins. Lots of competition on this one. Then the Word Scramble, which everyone had a hard time with but the conversations were hilarious! This one was timed to 5 minutes. No one got all the answers.

Game #4: I had to model for this one. It was the Guess Her Tummy Size game. You can also get the Tummy Measure Baby Shower Game at Party City. The goal was the guess as close to my tummy size as possible. Most people, especially the men guessed way to big! *Insert Sad Face* Another really fun one!

Game #5: For the last game we used the Bingo card in the set from Games #2-3. For this one, you write down what you think mom and dad will get in their present loot. One item in each box. Then if we open a present from your card you mark that space out (just like in Bingo). If you get a line up/down, side-to-side, or diagonal you get BINGO!



Everyone had LOTS of fun, including the men and kids.

Baby Shower Favors

The favors were adorable! Little tiny, pink baby bottles filled with red, pink and white M&Ms. Each bottle had a tag that had our little girl’s name on them, tied with cute pink ribbon! The bottles and tags were purchased from Beau-Coup online.


Thank you again to my wonderful Aunt and Cousin for hosting such a FUN baby shower!


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