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Mason Jar Pin Cushion Tutorial

The versatile Mason Jar strikes again! Another perfect use. It’s like it was made for this…

This tutorial is super easy! Store all your little sewing notions, needles, thimbles, buttons, safety pins, etc… inside your pin cushion. No sewing at all!


Supplies Needed:

  • One 3-piece Mason Jar
  • Approx. 5×5 inch square of fabric
  • Hot glue gun & glue
  • Pillow stuffing



Leaving about 3/4-inch of fabric overlay, begin hot gluing your fabric onto the flat popping part of the Mason Jar lid. Fabric should cover the top of the lid but be glued to the bottom, wrapped over the edge. Glue around the circumference. Do not glue tightly! You want that initial 3/4-inch fabric overlay all the way around your lid.

Stop gluing about 1.5-inches from where you began and start stuffing the lid with your pillow stuffing. Stuff until you’re satisfied with the look and tautness.

Continue gluing your fabric to the lid to close stuffing inside. Now, glue the screw lid, under the top lip, onto the flat part you just stuffed to make one single lid piece. Immediately screw lid onto jar to seal and flatten the hot glue seams tightly. If glue is left too tall your lid will not screw onto jar level.


Now fill with all your favorite sewing tools! Comment if you have any questions.


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